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3450: Melkor destroys the Lamps of the Valar
Time of the Trees
1050: Melkor begins to breed Orcs from enslaved Elves
1100: Melkor imprisoned by the Valar
1496: Manwë's Herald proclaims the Doom of the Noldor
1st Age
0001: Awakening of Men
0020: Fingolfin holds Mereth Aderthad, the Feast of Reuniting
0060: Morgoth captures Elves as spies and slaves
0455: Morgoth unleashes fire upon Ard-galen in the Dagor Bragollach
0500: Morwen Eledhwen of the House of Bëor dies
0501: Mîm slain by Húrin in Nargothrond
0502: Melian returns to Valinor
2nd Age - Pre-Rings
0543: Tar-Meneldur of Númenor born
0740: Tar-Meneldur becomes King of Númenor
0824: Tar-Meneldur closes the Guildhouse of the Venturers
0882: Tar-Meneldur decides to resign the Sceptre to Aldarion
0942: Tar-Meneldur, King of Númenor, dies
1474: Tar-Minastir of Númenor born
2nd Age - Rings
1731: Tar-Minastir becomes King of Númenor
1873: Tar-Minastir, King of Númenor, dies
Akallab�th/Last Alliance
3117: Tar-Míriel of Númenor born
3318: Meneldil of Gondor born in Númenor
3319: Tar-Míriel, Queen of Númenor, dies in the Downfall of Númenor (estimated date)
3429: Fall of Minas Ithil — Second Age
3rd Age - The Kings
0001: Moria's population of Dwarves dwindles
0002: Meneldil becomes King of Gondor
0158: Meneldil, King of Gondor, dies
0895: Mallor of Arthedain born
1029: Mallor becomes King of Arthedain
1050: Shadow falls on Greenwood; men rename it Mirkwood
1110: Mallor, King of Arthedain, dies
1144: Malvegil of Arthedain born
1240: Minalcar becomes Regent of Gondor
1248: Minalcar defeats the 3rd Invasion of Gondor by Easterlings
1250: Minalcar builds the Argonath (estimated date)
1272: Malvegil becomes King of Arthedain
1304: Minalcar becomes King Rómendacil II of Gondor
1349: Malvegil, King of Arthedain, dies
1366: Minalcar, King Rómendacil II of Gondor, dies
1454: Minardil of Gondor born
1621: Minardil becomes King of Gondor
1634: Minardil, King of Gondor, slain by Corsairs in Pelargir
1640: Mordor left unguarded
1856: Marhari, Lord of the Northmen, slain in the Battle of the Plains
1856: Marhwini gathers the Éothéod in the Vales of Anduin
2000: Fall of Minas Ithil — Third Age: Overview
2002: Minas Ithil falls to the Nazgûl
2002: Minas Ithil renamed Minas Morgul
2029: Mardil Voronwë becomes Steward to Kings Eärnil II and Eärnur
2043: Minas Anor renamed Minas Tirith
3rd Age - The Stewards
2050: Mardil Voronwë becomes Steward of Gondor
2340: Masters of Buckland established by Gorhendad Oldbuck
2475: Mordor renews attacks on Gondor
2941: Muster of the Combatants for the Battle of Five Armies
2954: Mount Doom bursts into flame
2989: Recolonization of Moria: Overview
3000: Shadow of Mordor lengthens
3rd Age - Ring War
3018: Merry attacked by a Nazgûl in Bree
3019: Battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul
3019: Merry and Pippin captured in the Orc-raid at Parth Galen
3019: Merry and Pippin escape the Orc-raiders and flee into Fangorn (approximate date)
3019: Merry and Pippin meet Treebeard (approximate date)
3019: Merry and Pippin rouse Treebeard to action (approximate date)
3019: Merry offers his service to Théoden
3019: Minas Tirith evacuated before the Siege
3019: Muster of the Rohirrim for the aid of Gondor
3019: Siege of Minas Tirith: Overview
3019: Battle under the trees in Mirkwood
3019: Merry falls after slaying the Witch-king in the Battle of the Pelennor
3019: Battle of the Morannon: Overview
3019: Mount Doom erupts after the Destruction of the One Ring
3019: Mouth of Sauron reveals the tokens of Frodo's capture at the parley
3rd Age - Post-Ring War
3020: Mallorn flowers in the Shire
4th Age
0063: Meriadoc Brandybuck's heir becomes Master of Buckland
0063: Merry and Pippin depart the Shire for Rohan (estimated date)
0063: Merry and Pippin arrive in Edoras (estimated date)
0064: Merry and Pippin settle in Gondor

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