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Lion And The Swan, The

Chathol-linn - 21 Jan 15 - 11:07 AM

Ch. 1: The Lion and The Swan

I've read and commented on this lyrical love song many times.  The poem is not about seduction and yet its rhythm is as irresistible as first love and lots more more gentle.  As Lothiriel journeys away from girlhood, feel her breathless apprehension, awe, and regret; then her closure and acceptance of womanhood with her chosen companion, the golden king Eomer.  This poem has inspired me often. I love it and quote it. Thanks, ErinRua.

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 01/28/15 8:52 AM
By: Linaewen
In: HASA General Notices

I am Linaewen there, as well.  Some of my stories that are currently posted at HASA are also postedat Ao3, so I have taken steps to remove those stories from the transition process.

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 01/13/15 9:57 AM
By: Ragnelle
In: HASA General Notices

I am Rangelle on AO3 as well.

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 01/11/15 8:13 PM
By: DrummerWench
In: HASA General Notices

I'm DrummerWench there, also.

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 01/10/15 2:41 PM
By: Ti'ana Luthien
In: HASA General Notices

I'm tianaluthien there.

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 01/05/15 1:01 PM
By: Raksha The Demon
In: HASA General Notices

I'm Raksha_The_Demon at A03.

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Young Frodo falls into darkness after the death of his parents. Is there anyone who can bring light back into his life? The story's sequel is called Farewell.

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