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The second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft releases patches and updates for its software. The HASA server will be checked on Tuesday night and any required patches will be applied between 9:00 and 10:00 PM, US West Coast time.

In most cases, the server will need to be restarted after the patches are applied. The exact time of the restart will vary depending on when the patching begins and how long that operation takes. On rare occasions, more than one restart may be required, such as for a service pack.

Please be sure to save all of your work prior to this time on this day.

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Lion And The Swan, The

Chathol-linn - 21 Jan 15 - 11:07 AM

Ch. 1: The Lion and The Swan

I've read and commented on this lyrical love song many times.  The poem is not about seduction and yet its rhythm is as irresistible as first love and lots more more gentle.  As Lothiriel journeys away from girlhood, feel her breathless apprehension, awe, and regret; then her closure and acceptance of womanhood with her chosen companion, the golden king Eomer.  This poem has inspired me often. I love it and quote it. Thanks, ErinRua.

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 02/26/15 7:26 PM
By: Anglachel
In: HASA General Notices

Hi DrummerWench,

I fixed the formatting for you. Smile

Thanks for the info about pseuds! I did not know about that and the A03 admins I spoke to when I found my screen name had been taken didn't mention it at all.

At present, I'm too busy with the data transfer and the site shutdown operations to give it my attention (plus this stupid thing called Real Life. Bah, who thought that was a good idea?), but I will investigate it when I catch my breath.


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Re: HASA shut down discussion

Posted On: 02/16/15 7:31 AM
By: DrummerWench
In: HASA General Notices

Thank you, Nath! I have just joined the HASA LJ.


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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 02/16/15 7:24 AM
By: DrummerWench
In: HASA General Notices

Hi, Anglachel and others who may want an AO3 name which has already been taken -
AO3 offers a way to have your name ("pseud" in AO3-speak), even if someone has already taken it.  I realize that you may have already considered and discarded this option, but here it is:


The following is a C/P from that page:

Someone else has the same pseud as me! How did this happen?

Unlike user names, pseuds aren't unique. This is partly to allow users to reflect names they've used over the years on other services, even if someone else has used the same names. To ensure that users won't be mistaken for other users with the same pseud, user names are displayed in parentheses next to the pseud.

Why does my user name display in parentheses next to my pseud?

Unlike user names, pseuds are not unique. To ensure that users won't be mistaken for other users with the same pseud, user names are displayed alongside pseuds. The only exception is if a user creates an alternate pseud that is identical to their user name. For example:

  • Suzy_Fangirl—her user name—has created two additional pseuds, Suzy Fangirl and Suzy_Fangirl.
  • If she posts a work using her user name, it displays as: Suzy_Fangirl.
  • If she posts a work using the Suzy Fangirl pseud, it displays as: Suzy Fangirl (Suzy_Fangirl).
  • If she posts a work using the Suzy_Fangirl pseud that she created, it displays as: Suzy_Fangirl.

In the case of an orphaned fanwork, users can either leave their pseud attached to the work or have it removed. For more information on how it would display, go to How do I orphan my work(s)? in the Orphaning FAQ.

Hope this helps,


ETA - Dang, sorry about the formatting of the Copy/Paste! I will try to remember to fix it when I am on my laptop...

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 02/14/15 10:12 AM
By: Anglachel
In: HASA General Notices

I do not have an A03 account as someone else fairly recently took the screen name "Anglachel" for her/his/their own. I'm not inclined to change my screen name at this point, seeing as I've been Anglachel in the fandom since 2002.

Unfortunately, I don't have any alternative location for my works at this time. I do have a domain, romenna.net, that will go offline when HASA does, but I intend to get back up and running at some point.

So, if you like my stories, you'd best make copies of them now because I can't guarantee they will be available after February in any archive or web site. My current energy is being given over to moving everyone else's works to A03 and trying to figure out how to cover the remaining bills for HASA.


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Re: HASA shut down discussion

Posted On: 02/11/15 8:20 AM
By: Nath
In: HASA General Notices

Hi DrummerWench,

"Is the transfer "opt-in" or "opt-out"?" I'm going to be Elvish here and say 'yes'  Wink The slightly longer version of an explanation is that, looking at it from the HASA/export point of view, stories that are set to beta or offlist won't be exported to the interim file. Looking at it from the Open Doors point of view, stories by authors who are already at AO3 and have notified them, won't be imported from the interim file.

(and there's an interim file because the data don't match exactly and need some handwork to get them to AO3; it's unfortunately not a case of just plugging one into the other, which would be cool if we could...)

So your understanding that "even if the work is not set to Beta on HASA, as long as the author has informed Open Doors that her works are already on AO3, they will not be (re)imported"  is correct.

And yes, there is a livejournal account here: http://hasalj.livejournal.com

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