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Maggot's Farm

Type: Buildings, Halls, Houses

Region: Bree/The Shire

Other Names Maggot's farm was also called Bamfurlong, but the name appears to apply to the land.

Location: In The Marish, whcih is on the west side of the Brandywine River. The farm was south of the Bucklebury Ferry and just west of The Causeway, connecting to it by a short lane.

Description: They went along the lane, until they saw the thatched roofs of a large house and farm-buildings peeping out among the trees ahead. The Maggots, and the Puddifoots of Stock, and most of the inhabitants of the Marish, were house-dwellers; and this farm was stoutly built of brick and had a high wall all round it. There was a wide wooden gate opening out of the wall into the lane.
FotR, Book I, Ch 4, A Short Cut to Mushrooms

Contributors: Lyllyn 7.28.03

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