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Time of the Trees
1497: Noldor reach the Helcaraxë
1st Age
0052: Building of Nargothrond begins
0472: Nirnaeth Arnoediad: 5th Battle of Beleriand
0495: Fall of Nargothrond
0502: Nauglamír remade to incorporate the Silmaril
0503: Dwarves of Nogrod destroyed by Beren and Dior at Sarn Athrad
2nd Age - Pre-Rings
0032: Foundation of Númenor
0600: Númenóreans first meet the Men of Middle-earth in Eriador
0600: Númenórean ships first sail to Middle-earth
0635: Númenóreans begin to teach the Men of Middle-earth (estimated date)
2nd Age - Rings
1700: Númenórean navy arrives to aid Gil-galad
1800: Númenóreans begin to establish dominions in Middle-earth
1870: Númenóreans begin to oppress the Men of Middle-earth (estimated date)
2251: Divisions among Númenóreans
2251: Nazgûl first appear in Middle-earth
2387: Númenóreans stop offering the first fruits to Eru (estimated date)
Akallabêth/Last Alliance
3268: Númenóreans begin to sacrifice the Faithful in the Temple (estimated date)
3269: Númenóreans begin to enslave the Men of Middle-earth (estimated date)
3319: Númenor falls into the Sea (estimated date)
3319: The Downfall of Númenor
3441: Narsil, the sword of Elendil, breaks in the Last Combat on Orodruin
3rd Age - The Kings
1226: Narmacil I becomes King of Gondor
1294: Narmacil I, King of Gondor, dies
1850: Narmacil II becomes King of Gondor
1852: Northmen of Rhovanion ally with Gondor against the Wainriders
1856: Narmacil II, King of Gondor, slain in the Battle of the Plains
1856: Northmen of Rhovanion enslaved by the Wainriders
1899: Northmen of Rhovanion revolt against the Wainriders
1980: Náin I becomes King of Khazad-dûm
1981: Náin I, King of Khazad-dûm, slain by the Balrog of Moria
2000: Nazgûl besiege Minas Ithil
3rd Age - The Stewards
2799: Náin slain by Azog in the Battle of Azanulbizar
2951: Nazgûl reoccupy Dol Guldur
3rd Age - Ring War
3018: Nazgûl arrive in Isengard to confront Saruman
3018: Nazgûl cross the Fords of Isen
3018: Nazgûl cross Sarn Ford
3018: Nazgûl enter the Shire
3018: Nazgûl pass through Bree
3018: Nazgûl attack the house at Crickhollow at dawn
3018: Nazgûl attack Gandalf on Weathertop
3018: Nazgûl attack the Travellers' camp at Weathertop
3018: Nazgûl ambush Frodo at the Ford of Bruinen
3018: Nazgûl swept away at the Ford of Bruinen
3018: Narsil reforged and renamed Andúril
3019: Winged Nazgûl flies over Dol Baran
3019: Winged Nazgûl flies over Edoras
3019: News spreads in Minas Tirith of Aragorn's healings
3019: Winged Nazgûl brings news of the Witch-king's death to Sauron
3019: Winged Nazgûl fly over the Pelennor before dawn
3019: Winged Nazgûl spy on the Host of the West
3019: Nazgûl destroyed in the eruption of Mount Doom
3019: Winged Nazgûl join the attack in the Battle of the Morannon

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