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aeglos (plant)   Plants  30 Mar 10
alfirin (Sindarin): 'immortal'
uilos (Sindarin): 'ever-snow-white'
simbelmynë (language of the Rohirrim): 'evermind' 
Plants  28 Jul 10
Ancalimë (Tree) the white Elven-tree  Plants  14 Nov 05
athelas (Sindarin)
kingsfoil (Westron)
asëa aranion (Quenya) 
Plants  18 Apr 08
the White Tree of Tol Eressëa 
Plants  09 Feb 10
culumalda   Plants  11 Dec 07
earth-bread   Plants  23 Nov 04
elanor   Plants  02 Apr 10
Galathilion the White Tree of Tirion  Plants  09 Feb 10
Hírilorn Neldor 'three trees'  Plants  18 Feb 08
lairelossë   Plants  08 Nov 04
the Golden Tree
the Tree of Gold
Malinalda 'tree of gold'

HoME only:
Tulukhedelgorūs (Valarin)
Glewellin 'song of gold'
Lasgalen 'green of leaf'
Melthinorn 'tree of gold' 
Plants  02 Mar 11
laurinquë   Plants  07 Mar 10
lebethron   Plants  08 Nov 04
lissuin   Plants  25 Feb 10
Sindarin: mallorn (singular), mellyrn (plural)
Quenya: malinornë (singular), malinorni (plural) 
Plants  07 Oct 11
mallos   Plants  31 Aug 10
nessamelda   Plants  29 Nov 04
Nimloth The White Tree, Nimloth the Fair, Galathilion, Celeborn  Plants  26 Jun 04
nifredil (HoME only) 
Plants  23 Sep 12
oiolairë   Plants  29 Nov 04
Old Man Willow
old grey Willow-man
the Great Willow 
Plants  06 May 08
Party Tree   Plants  13 Aug 06
leaf (in the Shire)
(sweet) galenas (in Gondor)
westmansweed (in Gondor)
Halflings' leaf

Pipe-weed varieties include:
Longbottom Leaf
Old Toby
Southern Star
Southlinch (from Bree) 
Plants  30 Jul 10
seregon   Plants  06 Apr 10
alfirin (Sindarin): 'immortal'
uilos (Sindarin): 'ever-snow-white'
simbelmynë (language of the Rohirrim): 'evermind' 
Plants  10 Dec 07
the White Tree
the Silver Tree
the Tree of Silver
the Eldest of Trees
Ninquelótë 'white blossom'

HoME only:
Ibrīniðilpathānezel (Valarin)
Silivros 'sparkling rain'
Celeborn 'tree of silver'
Nimloth 'pale blossom'
the Moon-tree 
Plants  18 Mar 10
The Two Trees Telperion was also called "Silpion, and Ninquelótë, and many other names" (including The White Tree and Eldest of Trees).
Laurelin was also called "Malinalda, and Culúrien, and many names in song beside." 
Plants  17 Nov 04
alfirin (Sindarin): 'immortal'
uilos (Sindarin): 'ever-snow-white'
simbelmynë (language of the Rohirrim): 'evermind' 
Plants  10 Dec 07
White Tree of Gondor, The
The Silver Tree
The White Tree of Minas Ithil
The White Tree of Minas Anor
The White Tree of Minas Tirith 
Plants  25 Apr 05
yavannamírë   Plants  29 Nov 04

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