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Fingon rescues Maedhros

Event Type: Cultural/Social

Age: 1st Age

Year: 0005

"Therefore he dared a deed which is justly renowned among the feats of the princes of the Noldor: alone, and without the counsel of any, he set forth in search of Maidros; and aided by the very darkness that Morgoth had made he came unseen into the fastness of his foes. In the Quenta it is told how at the last he found Maidros, by singing a song of Valinor alone in the dark mountains, and was aided by Thorondor the Eagle, who bore him aloft unto Maidros; but the bond of steel he could in no wise release and must sever the hand that it held. Thus he rescued his friend of old from torment, and their love was renewed; and the hatred between the houses of Fingolfin and Feanor was assuaged."
The War of the Jewels, Part 1, The Grey Annals

The Silmarillion contains a longer account which does not give a date. It can be found in Ch 13, Of the Return of the Noldor. It differs in that the eagle did not appear until after Maedhros "being in anguish without hope, begged Fingon to shoot him with his bow; and Fingon strung an arrow, and bent his bow. And seeing no better hope he cried to Manwë, saying: 'O King to whom all birds are dear, speed now this feathered shaft, and recall some pity for the Noldor in their need!' "

Lyllyn 1.17.04

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