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Meaning: Possibly 'Hair-shout' (Shibboleth), or 'Hair-commander'

Other Names: Findekáno (Quenya version of his name)

Location(s): Valinor, Hithlum

Race/Species: Elf

Type/Kind: Noldor

Title(s): The Valiant

Dates: Age of the Trees ? - I 471

Parents: Father: Fingolfin; Mother

Siblings: Turgon, Aredhel, [Argon]

Spouse: N/A

Children: Ereinion Gil-galad (contested)

The only note of Fingon's physical apperance comes from The Shibboleth of Fëanor, where it is said that Fingon "wore his long dark hair in great plaits braided with gold".

Source: The Peoples of Middle-earth (HoMe 12), Last Writings, 'The Shibboleth of Feanor'.
In The Lost Road (HoMe 5), 'The earliest Quenta Silmarillion', he is described as follows: "His valour was as a fire and yet steadfast as the hills of stone; wise he was and skilled in voice and hand; troth and justice he loved and bore good will to all, both Elves and Men, hating Morgoth only; he sought not his own, neither power nor glory, and death was his reward."
Still, he was impetuous enough to join in the Kinslaying without asking first what was going on.

Klose - 12.17.02
Anglachel - 12.17.02
Finch - 12.18.02, 01.01.03

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