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Turgon - 1st Age

Meaning: master-commander

Other Names:
Turukáno (Quenya)
The Wise

Location(s): Valinor, Nevrast, Gondolin

Race/Species: Elf

Type/Kind: Noldor

King of Gondolin
High King of the Noldor

Dates: Age of the Trees 1300 - I, 510

father: Fingolfin
mother: Anaire


Spouse: Elenwë

Children: Idril Celebrindal

According to UT, Part One: The First Age, 'Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin" (note 31), Turgon was "tallest of all the Children of the World, save Thingol" . Nothing else is known about his appearance. In The Silmarillion, QS, Ch. 9 - 'Of the Flight of the Noldor', Turgon and his elder brother Fingon are described as 'bold and fiery of heart, and loath to abandon any task to which they had put their hands until the bitter end.'
Turgon's sword was Glamdring, later wielded by Gandalf.

Finch - 12.28.02, 12.30.02

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