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Meaning: From Quenya 'Carnistir', meaning 'red-face'

Other Names: Morifinwe, or Moryo, meaning 'Dark Finwe'

Location(s): Valinor, East Beleriand

Race/Species: Elf

Type/Kind: Noldor

Title(s): The Dark, The Cruel

Dates: Age of the Trees - I, c. 509

Parents: Father: Feanor; Mother: Nerdanel

Siblings: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Curufin, Amrod, Amras

Spouse: unnamed wife

Children: N/A

Caranthir was dark haired, but had the ruddy complexion of his mother. (The Peoples of Middle-earth, HoMe 12, Last Writings, The Shibboleth of Feanor). He was one of the more unpleasant of Feanor's sons, and very proud of his Noldorin heritage, looking down on the children of Finarfin because their mother wasn't a Noldo (The Silmarillion, QS, Ch. 13 - Of the Return of the Noldor), and also, initially, on mortals (Ch. 17 - Of the Coming of Men into the West).

He was slain by Dior Eluchil at the Ruin of Doriath, in the year 505 of the First Age.

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