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Type: Kingdoms, Realms, Lands

Region: Arnor/Eriador/Lindon

Location: Arthedain was in the North-west and included the land between Brandywine and Lune, and also the land north of the Great Road as far as the Weather Hills. The Shire, Bree, the North Downs and the Hills of Evendim all were included within this land.

Description: Arthedain became a separate realm when Arnor was divided into three in 861 as a result of dissension among the sons of Eärendur. Only in this one of the three realms did the line of Isildur persist. The kingdom ended with the victory of the Witch-king over Arvedui Last-king in 1974. Thereafter the line of Isildur continued as the Chieftains of the Dúnedain.

Two of the palantírs were held in Arthedain.

RotK, Appendix A, I, iii, Eriador, Arnor, and the Heirs of Isildur

Contributors: Lyllyn 9.29.03

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