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House of Bëor

Other Names:
First House of the Edain
Eldest House of Men

Location(s): Beleriand, Ladros

Race/Species: Man

Type/Kind: 1st Age Edain

Title(s): Elf-friends

Dates: First Age

Siblings: Haladin of Brethil, House of Hador

Children: Númenóreans


Bëor ... leader of the first Men to enter Beleriand; ... progenitor of the House of Bëor (called also the Eldest House of Men and the First House of the Edain)...

The Silmarillion, Index of Names

The Men of the Three Houses throve and multiplied... The Men of that house [of Bëor] were dark or brown of hair, with grey eyes; and of all Men they were most like to the Noldor and most loved by them; for they were eager of mind, cunning-handed, swift in understanding, long in memory, and they were moved sooner to pity than to laughter. Like to them were the woodland folk of Haleth, but they were of lesser stature, and less eager for lore.

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 17, Of the Coming of Men into the West

Ladros The lands to the northeast of Dorthonion that were granted by the Noldorin Kings to the Men of the House of Bëor.

The Silmarillion, Index of Names

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