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Type: Miscellaneous

Meaning: Haven-finder

Other Names: Turuphanto 'The Wooden Whale'

Description:Aldarion's ship, which grew so large while it was being built that people took to calling it The Wooden Whale.

"And a vision came to him of a mighty vessel like a castle with tall masts and great sails like clouds, bearing men and stores enough for a town. Then in the yards of Rómenna the saws and hammers were busy, while among many lesser craft a great ribbed hull took shape; at which men wondered. Turuphanto, the Wooden Whale, they called it, but that was not its name."

Hirilondë left port without the blessing of Tar-Meneldur the King, who forbade the Queen and any other member of the household to set the Bough of Return upon the prow of the ship; the Bough was eventually placed by the wife of one of Aldarion's captains.

Source: "Aldarion and Erendis," Unfinished Tales.

Contributors: Zimraphel. 7/8/2003.

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