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Type: Calendars & Measurements

Other Names: Yuletide


Two extra days inserted between the months of December and January in the Calendar of the Shire; Lithedays and Yuledays together allow months of equal length in the Shire-reckoning:
The Hobbits were conservative and continued to use a form of King's Reckoning adapted to fit their own customs. Their months were all equal and had 30 days each.... The last day of the year and the first of the next year were called the Yuledays. The Yuledays and the Lithedays remained outside the months, so that January 1 was the second and not the first day of the year.... The Lithedays and the Yuledays were the chief holidays and time of feasting.... In full Yuletide was six days long, including the last three and first three days of each year.

The Lord of the Rings, Appendix D, The Calendars

Every year began on the first day of the week, Saturday, and ended on the last day of the week, Friday.... The Yule at the end of the year was 1 Yule. and that at the beginning was 2 Yule.

The Lord of the Rings, Appendix D, The Calendars

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