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Mayors of the Shire

Type: Offices & Ranks

Other Names:
Mayors of Michel Delving


A traditional, though largely ceremonial, position of authority in the Shire.
The only real official in the Shire at this date was the Mayor of Michel Delving (or of the Shire), who was elected every seven years at the Free Fair on the White Downs at the Lithe, that is at Midsummer. As mayor almost his only duty was to preside at banquets, given on the Shire-holidays, which occurred at frequent intervals. But the offices of Postmaster and First Shirriff were attached to the mayoralty, so that he managed both the Messenger Service and the Watch. These were the only Shire-services....

The Lord of the Rings, Prologue, Of the Ordering of the Shire

Pippin roused a good deal of laughter with an account of the collapse of the roof of the Town Hole in Michel Delving: Will Whitfoot, the Mayor, and the fattest hobbit in the Westfarthing, had been buried in chalk, and came out like a floured dumpling.

The Fellowship of the Ring, LoTR Book 1, Ch 9, At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

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