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Hunting Dogs

Type: Animals

Description:[Thorin Oakenshield's company, on the Elf-path in Mirkwood; they had just pulled Bombur out of the Enchanted River, and he had fallen asleep from the effects of the water:]

They were still standing over him [Bombur], cursing their ill luck, and Bombur's clumsiness, and lamenting the loss of the boat which made it impossible for them to go back and look for the hart [that Thorin had just shot], when they became aware of the dim blowing of horns in the wood and the sound as of dogs baying far off. Then they all fell silent; and as they sat it seemed they could hear the noise of a great hunt going by to the north of the path, though they saw no sign of it.

The Hobbit, Ch 8, Flies and Spiders

Contributors: Elena TIriel 25May04

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