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Type: Food & Drink

Meaning: 'nectar, drink of the Valar' or 'a special wine or cordial'

Description:“'Give them this,' said Gandalf, searching in his pack and drawing out a leathern flask. 'Just a mouthful each ' for all of us. It is very precious. It is miruvor, the cordial of Imladris. Elrond gave it to me at our parting. Pass it round!'

As soon as Frodo had swallowed a little of the warm and fragrant liquor he felt a new strength of heart, and the heavy drowsiness left his limbs. The others also revived and found fresh hope and vigour.”

The Ring Goes South, pg. 378-379, The Fellowship of the Ring

“Now the slender blade that Daurin wielded came from the forge of Aule and was steeped in miruvor, or never had he done harm to that secret . . . In this passage is the first appearance of miruvor, defined in the early Qenya word-list as 'nectar, drink of the Valar', with this cf. The Road Goes Ever On, p. 61, where my father stated that it was the name given by the Valar to the drink poured at their festivals, and compared it to the nectar of the Olympian Gods (in the translation of Namarie he rendered miruvore 'nectar', ibid. p. 58).”

“Miruvor QL miruvore 'nectar, drink of the Valar' (seep. 179), with miru 'wine'; GL mirofor (or gurmir) 'drink of the Gods', mir, miros 'wine'.”

Part VI, The Theft of Melko and the Darkening of Valinor, Histories of Middle-earth Vol. 1

“miruvore, miruvor 'a special wine or cordial'. V mirubhoze-; said to be the beginning of a longer word, containing the element mirub- 'wine'.(28)”

Appendix D, Note 28, Histories of Middle-earth, The War of the Jewels, Vol. 11

“In The Road Goes Ever On, p. 61, the name miruvore (occurring in Namarie) is said to be of Valarin origin.”

Appendix D, Editorial Notes, Histories of Middle-earth, The War of the Jewels, Vol. 11

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