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The Watcher in the Water

Type: Animals

Description:The Watcher in the Water was the name recorded by the dwarves in the Book of Mazurbul, describing the creature that lived in the lake on the west end of Moria. It had "long sinuous tentacle(s)" which crawled, "pale-green and luminous and wet." The tentacle that grabbed Frodo had a "fingered end" capable of dragging the weight of a Hobbit. When this arm was attacked, "Twenty others arms came rippling out. The dark water boiled, and there was a hideous stench."

The arms can be assumed to be amazingly strong as they were able to close the doors of Moria and pile stone against them, sealing the doors shut.
FotR, Book II, Ch 4, A Journey in the Dark

We also know from Chapter 5, The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, that the watcher took Óin, one of Balin's companions.

Contributors: Lyllyn 9.7.03

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