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Thing Other Name(s) Type Updated
Banner of Lake-town   Heraldry  18 Apr 10
Emblem of Arnor   Heraldry  06 Jan 13
Emblem of Eregion emblem of Hollin  Heraldry  19 Jul 10
Emblems of Durin   Heraldry  20 Jul 10
Seal of Elendil   Heraldry  06 Apr 10
Seal of the Stewards of Gondor
emblem of the Stewards of Gondor 
Heraldry  06 Apr 10
Star of the House of Fëanor
the emblem of the House of Fëanor 
Heraldry  20 Jul 10
Tree of the High Elves the emblem of the High Elves  Heraldry  20 Jul 10

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