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Meaning: Friend of trees*

Other Names: n/a

Location(s): Gondor

Race/Species: Man

Type/Kind: Dunadan of Gondor

Title(s): Prince of Gondor

Dates: b. prior to 1330—d. 1437 T.A.

Parents: Eldacar, unknown

Siblings: Aldamir

Spouse: unknown

Children: none

Ornendil was the elder son of Eldacar, and so at least 1/4 Northman. We know almost nothing of him, save that he was captured during the fall of Osgiliath during the Kin-Strife. He survived the city's fall only to be executed by Castamir.

Ornendil's name seems to be a combination of "orn" ("tree"), and "-ndil", a component meaning "friend".

The limit on his date of birth comes from The Peoples of Middle-earth, where his younger brother, Aldamir's, birthday is given as 1330, T.A.

--Dwimordene May 1, 2005

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