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Type: Cities, Towns, Settlements

Region: Bree/The Shire

Other Names Ringhay from an earlier version (Return of the Shadow, HoMe 6.)

Location: In Buckland, east of the Brandywine and north-east of Bucklebury. Crickhollow was much closer to the the Hedge and the Old Forest: only one and a half miles away.

Description: It was some distance from the Brandywine to Frodo's new house at
Crickhollow. They passed Buck Hill and Brandy Hall on their left, and on the outskirts of Bucklebury struck the main road of Buckland that ran south from the Bridge. Half a mile northward along this they came to a lane opening on their right. This they followed for a couple of miles as it climbed up and down into the country.
FotR, Book I, Ch 3, Three is Company

Contributors: Lyllyn 6.10.03

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