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Type: Islands & Coasts

Region: Other Middle-earth

Location: An island in the middle of the Great Lake between the two Lamps of the Valar in the early Middle-earth; the first dwelling of the Valar in Arda.

Description: And the Valar made their dwelling upon a green isle in the midst of a lake; and that lake was between Illuin and Ormal in the midmost of Arda; and there in the Isle of Almaren, because of the blending of the lights, all things were richest in growth and fairest of hue.

Morgoth's Ring, HoME Vol 10, Part 2, The Annals of Aman

... wealth there was of [Yavanna's] imagining, and nowhere more rich than in the midmost parts of the Earth, where the light of both the Lamps met and blended. And there upon the Isle of Almaren in the Great Lake was the first dwelling of the Valar when all things were young...; and they were long content. ...

... Manwë ordained a great feast ... Now therefore the Valar were gathered upon Almaren.... And it is sung that in that feast of the Spring of Arda Tulkas espoused Nessa..., and she danced before the Valar upon the green grass of Almaren.

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 1, Of The Beginning of Days

But Melkor ... assailed the lights of Illuin and Ormal, and cast down their pillars and broke their lamps. In the overthrow of the mighty pillars lands were broken and seas arose in tumult ...

The dwelling of the Valar upon Almaren was utterly destroyed.... Therefore they departed from Middle-earth and went to the Land of Aman....

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 1, Of The Beginning of Days

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