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Long Cleeve

Type: Cities, Towns, Settlements

Region: Bree/The Shire

Meaning: Slope, river bank, cliff from Old English clif1

Location: North of Tuckborough (see Description)

Description: From the “Took of Great Smials” family tree in The Return of the King, LoTR Appendix C, Family Trees, Long Cleeve is where the North-tooks live. Therefore it is a reasonable assumption that Long Cleeve is north of Tuckborough. It does not appear on the detailed “A Part of the Shire” map in FotR, which suggests it is north of that section.

Perhaps partly for these reasons, Karen Wynn Fonstad places it near the North Moors. She notes the name “suggests a narrow valley cut through uplands.” Her map is in The Atlas of Middle-earth, Revised Edition, by Karen Wynn Fonstad, Section 4, Regional Maps: The Shire, p69

1. From Meanings of the Domesday Place-names of Wirecestrescire (Worcesterhire)

Contributors: Lyllyn 26Aug05

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