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Dol Baran

Type: Mountains, Hills, Promontories

Region: Rhovanion/Misty Mtns

Location: The southernmost hill attached to the Misty Mountains. After Methedras (Last Peak), hills projected beyond the edge of the range to shelter the vale of Nan Curunír. Dol Baran projected from the western face of the mountain chain.

Description: Going westward a mile or so they came to a dale. It opened southward, leaning back into the slope of round Dol Baran, the last hill of the northern ranges, greenfooted, crowned with heather. The sides of the glen were shaggy with last year's bracken, among which the tight-curled fronds of spring were just thrusting through the sweet-scented earth. Thornbushes grew thick upon the low banks..."
TTT, Book III, Ch 11, The Palantír

It was in this dale beneath Dol Baran that Pippin looked into the Palantir.

Contributors: Lyllyn 8.2.04

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