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Type: Rivers & Lakes

Region: Gondor

Meaning: Black root

Other Names Blackroot

Location: Gondor

Description: Morthond is a river which flows through Gondor from its root in the Dwimorberg which is part of the Ered Nimrais or White Mountains. Upon exiting the Dwimorberg, it flows through the upland Morthond Vale. It is the border between the provinces of Pinnath Gelin and Lamedon, and joins the river Ringló just above the ancient elf-haven Edhellond.

“The Company came at last out of the ravine, as suddenly as it they had issued from a crack in a wall; and there lay the uplands of a great vale before them, and the stream beside them went down with a cold voice over many falls.

‘Where in Middle-earth are we?’ said Gimli; and Elladan answered: ‘We have descended from the uprising of the Morthond, the long chill river that flows at last to the sea that washes the walls of Dol Amroth. You will not need to ask hereafter how comes its name: Blackroot men call it.’”

The Passing of the Grey Company, pg.68, The Return of the King

Contributors: Still Anonymous, 03/05/04

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