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Tol Sirion

Type: Islands & Coasts

Region: Beleriand & North

Other Names
Tol-in-Gaurhoth 'Isle of Werewolves'
Tol-sirion (HoME only)

Location: An island in the River Sirion where it flows through the Pass of Sirion; fortified by Finrod Felagund, who built the watch-tower called Minas Tirith; renamed Tol-in-Gaurhoth 'Isle of Werewolves' after its capture by Sauron.


The Vale of Sirion.
The Vale of Sirion, by JRR Tolkien.
Finrod held the Pass of Sirion, and upon the isle of Tol Sirion in the midst of the river he built a mighty watch-tower, Minas Tirith....

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 14, Of Beleriand and its Realms

Turgon... left Nevrast where he dwelt and sought out Finrod his friend upon the island of Tol Sirion, and they journeyed southward along the river....

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 13, Of the Return of the Noldor

[After] the fall of Fingolfin, Sauron... came against Orodreth, the warden of the tower upon Tol Sirion.... He took Minas Tirith by assault.... Then Sauron made it into a watchtower for Morgoth, a stronghold of evil, and a menace; and the fair isle of Tol Sirion became accursed, and it was called Tol-in-Gaurhoth, the Isle of Werewolves.

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 18, Of the Ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin

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