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Fornost Erain

Type: Cities, Towns, Settlements

Region: Arnor/Eriador/Lindon

Meaning: North City of Kings

Other Names Norbury of the Kings, after it was deserted it came to be called Deadmen's Dike.

Location: On the North Downs of Eriador. Fornost was the northern end of the Greenway, the old North-South road which linked Arnor and Gondor.

Description: After the death of Earendur in 861 Arnor was broken into three, and the eldest son in the direct line became King of Arthedain ruling from Fornost. He was recorded as Amlaith of Fornost. Arvedui was the last King to rule Arthedain, and during his reign Fornost was taken by the Witch-king. After the battle of Fornost in 1975 that land was deserted, 'leaving only green mounds in the grassy hills.'
FotR, Book II, Ch 2, The Council of Elrond
RotK, Appendix A, I, iii, Eriador, Arnor, and the Heirs of Isildur

From Unfinished Tales and App A of RotK it is known that there was a palantír at Fornost for a time.

Contributors: Lyllyn 8.12.03

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