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Náin I, King of Khazad-dûm, slain by the Balrog of Moria

Event Type: Genealogical

Age: 3rd Age - The Kings

Year: 1981


Náin I slain. The Dwarves flee from Moria.

The Return of the King, LoTR Appendix B, The Tale of Years: The Third Age

The Dwarves ... roused from sleep ... a Balrog of Morgoth. Durin [VI] was slain by it, and the year after Náin I, his son; and then the glory of Moria passed, and its people were destroyed or fled far away.

The Return of the King, LoTR Appendix A, Annals of the Kings and Rulers: Durin's Folk

Elena Tiriel 6Oct05

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