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Grimbold driven from the Fords in the 2nd Battle of the Fords of Isen

Event Type: Military/Strategic

Age: 3rd Age - Ring War

Date: March 2, 3019


An event in the 2nd Battle of the Fords of Isen; see that entry for an overview:
[Grimbold] still held the east bank [of the Isen] ...

It was not yet midnight when points of red light were seen coming from the north and already drawing near on the west of the river. It was the vanguard of the whole remaining forces of Saruman that he was now committing to battle for the conquest of Westfold. They came on at great speed. ... gathering into their stream the forces already manning the west bank they swept over the Fords like a river of fire with a great clamour of hate. A great company of bowmen might have made them rue the light of their torches, but Grimbold had only a handful of archers. He could not hold the east bank, and withdrew from it, forming a great shieldwall about his camp. Soon it was surrounded, and the attackers cast torches among them ... hoping to kindle fires among the stores and terrify such horses as Grimbold still had. But the shieldwall held. Then, since the Orcs were of less avail in such fighting because of their stature, fierce companies of the Dunlendish hillmen were thrown against it. But ... the Dunlendings were ... less skilled in warfare and less well armed. The shieldwall still held.

In vain Grimbold looked for help to come from Elfhelm. None came. At last then he determined to carry out if he could the plan that he had already made, if he should find himself in just such a desperate position. He had at length recognised the wisdom of Elfhelm, and understood that though his men might fight on till all were slain, and would if he ordered it, such valour would not help Erkenbrand: any man that could break out and escape southwards would be more useful, though he might seem inglorious.

Unfinished Tales, Part 3, Ch 5, The Battles of the Fords of Isen

Elena Tiriel 9Feb05

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