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Thrór escapes the Sack of Erebor

Event Type: Military/Strategic

Age: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Year: 2770

An event in the Sack of Erebor; see that entry for more information:

Smaug the Dragon descends on Erebor. ... Thrór escapes with Thráin II and Thorin II.

The Return of the King, LoTR Appendix B, The Tale of Years: The Third Age

The Dwarves Thrór and his son Thráin (together with Thráin's son Thorin, afterwards called Oakenshield) escaped from the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) by a secret door when the dragon Smaug descended upon it.

Unfinished Tales, Part 3, Ch 3, The Quest of Erebor

From the sack and the burning many of Thrór's kin escaped; and last of all from the halls by a secret door came Thrór himself and his son Thráin II. They went away south with their family into long and homeless wandering. With them went also a small company of their kinsmen and faithful followers.

The Return of the King, LoTR Appendix A, Annals of the Kings and Rulers: Durin's Folk

Elena Tiriel 9Jan05, 6Oct05

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