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Fight at Bree, Ferny and strangers expelled (estimated date)

Event Type: Political

Age: 3rd Age - Ring War

Date: January 2, 3019


'It all comes of those newcomers and gangrels that began coming up the Greenway last year...; but more came later. Some were just... running away from trouble; but most were bad men, full o' thievery and mischief.1 And there was trouble right here in Bree, bad trouble. Why, we had a real set-to, and there were some folk killed, killed dead! If you'll believe me.'

'I will indeed,' said Gandalf. 'How many?'

'Three and two,' said Butterbur, referring to the big folk and the little. 'There was poor Mat Heathertoes, and Rowlie Appledore, and little Tom Pickthorn from over the Hill; and Willie Banks from up-away, and one of the Underhills from Staddle: all good fellows, and they're missed. And Harry Goatleaf that used to be on the West-gate, and that Bill Ferny, they came in on the strangers' side, and they've gone off with them; and it's my belief they let them in. On the night of the fight, I mean. And that was after we showed them the gates and pushed them out...; and the fight was early in the New Year, after the heavy snow we had.

'And now they're gone for robbers and live outside, hiding in the woods beyond Archet, and out in the wilds north-away.... It isn't safe on the road and nobody goes far, and folk lock up early. We have to keep watchers all round the fence and put a lot of men on the gates at nights.'

The Return of the King, LoTR Book 6, Ch 5, Homeward Bound

The date is estimated, to slightly follow the New Year's.
1   '[Already] some in Bree are in [the Riders'] clutch. They will drive these wretches to some evil work: Ferny, and some of the strangers, and, maybe, the gatekeeper too.'

The Fellowship of the Ring, LoTR Book 1, Ch 10, Strider

Julie, 31Jan04
Elena Tiriel 14Mar08

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