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Merry and Pippin depart the Shire for Rohan (estimated date)

Event Type: General

Age: 4th Age

Date: May 1, 0063


Merry and Pippin leave the Shire, never to return:
In the spring of the year a message came from Rohan to Buckland that King Éomer wished to see Master Holdwine once again. Meriadoc was then old (102) but still hale. He took counsel with his friend the Thain, and soon after they... rode away over the Sarn Ford, and they were not seen again in the Shire.

The Lord of the Rings, Appendix B, The Tale of Years: Later Events Concerning the Members of the Fellowship of the Ring

The year is canon, but the month is chosen to reflect that the message arrived in spring, plus an estimated two months to make travel arrangements.

Elena Tiriel 28Jan10

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