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Númenóreans begin to sacrifice the Faithful in the Temple (estimated date)

Event Type: General

Age: Akallabêth/Last Alliance

Year: 3268

Then slowly a change came over the land, and the hearts of the Elf-friends were sorely troubled, and many fell away out of fear; and although those that remained still called themselves the Faithful, their enemies named them rebels.

The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

But for all this Death did not depart from the land, rather it came sooner and more often ... And men took weapons in those days and slew one another for little cause; for they were become quick to anger, and Sauron..., went about the land setting man against man, so that the people murmured against the King and the lords, or against any that had aught that they had not; and the men of power took cruel revenge.

The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

[Said Amandil,] '... I am minded ... to sail into the West..., and beseech [Manwë's] aid ere all is lost.'

'Would you then betray the King?' said Elendil. 'For you know well the charge that they make against us, that we are traitors and spies, and that until this day it has been false.'

The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

Thereafter the fire and smoke went up without ceasing; for the power of Sauron daily increased, and in that temple, with spilling of blood and torment and great wickedness, men made sacrifice to Melkor that he should release them from Death. And most often from among the Faithful they chose their victims; yet never openly on the charge that they would not worship Melkor, the Giver of Freedom, rather was cause sought against them that they hated the King and were his rebels, or that they plotted against their kin, devising lies and poisons. These charges were for the most part false; yet those were bitter days, and hate brings forth hate.

The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

... Sauron withdrew into the inmost circle of the Temple, and men brought him victims to be burned.

The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

For Elendil had remained in Rómenna, ... avoiding the soldiers of Sauron that came to seize him and drag him to the fires of the Temple, he went aboard his ship and stood off from the shore....

The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

[Note: the date is an estimate, set to follow the event Sauron builds the Temple in Armenelos for the worship of Melkor.]

Elena Tiriel 15Nov05

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