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Contacting HASA

HASA is run by volunteers. We don't check email all the time, so it may be several hours or a few days before anyone responds. Please be sure your email address is valid. If it is not, we can't respond to you.

Things we can help you with

  • Answering a question about HASA
  • Asking for help with a password
  • Reporting a site error - please send the URL of the malfunctioning page
  • Reporting something wrong with a story such as a missing chapter, garbled text, really weird formatting, etc. - please send the URL of the malfunctioning page
  • A clear and unequivocal statement that someone has violated site policies. Provide proof or be prepared to do so in a follow up email.
  • Volunteering to be an admin

Things we can't help you with

  • The email address of a site member or author - there are contact forms available if the person wishes to be contacted
  • Requests for cross-linking, advertisements, promotions, etc.
  • Vague allegations that someone is doing something wrong. If someone has violated HASA policies, provide proof.
  • General complaints that you don't like HASA. If you don't like the site, use another or build one that suits you better.