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Girion of Dale


Race/Species: Man

Lord of Dale

unnamed wife

at least three unnamed sons


The Lord of Dale at the time of the Sack of Erebor, and the ancestor of Bard the Bowman:
Emerald necklace.
A necklace with trios of cut emeralds, such as might have been owned by Girion.
[The] talk turned to the great hoard [of Smaug] itself and to the things that Thorin and Balin remembered. They wondered if they were still lying there unharmed in the hall below: the spears that were made for the armies of the great King Bladorthin...; shields made for warriors long dead; the... cup of Thror...; coats of mail...; the necklace of Girion, Lord of Dale, made of five hundred emeralds green as grass, which he gave for the arming of his eldest son in a coat of dwarf-linked rings the like of which had never been made before, for it was wrought of pure silver to the power and strength of triple steel.

The Hobbit, Ch 12, Inside Information

Then [Smaug] came down the slopes and when he reached the woods they all went up in fire. By that time all the bells were ringing in Dale and the warriors were arming.... The river rushed up in steam and a fog fell on Dale, and in the fog the dragon came on them and destroyed most of the warriors....

The Hobbit, Ch 1, An Unexpected Party

'Revenge!' [Smaug] snorted, and the light of his eyes lit the the hall from floor to ceiling like scarlet lightning. 'Revenge!.... Girion Lord of Dale is dead, and I have eaten his people like a wolf among sheep, and where are his sons' sons that dare approach me? I kill where I wish and none dare resist. I laid low the warriors of old and their like is not in the world today.'

The Hobbit, Ch 12, Inside Information

But there was still a company of archers that held their ground among the burning houses. Their captain was Bard, grim-voiced and grim-faced, whose friends... knew his worth and courage. He was a descendant in long line of Girion, Lord of Dale, whose wife and child had escaped down the Running River from the ruin long ago.

The Hobbit, Ch 14, Fire and Water

[A] tall figure stepped from the shadows. He was drenched with water, his black hair hung wet over his face and shoulders, and a fierce light was in his eyes.

'Bard is not lost!' he cried. 'He dived from Esgaroth, when the enemy was slain. I am Bard, of the line of Girion; I am the slayer of the dragon!'

The Hobbit, Ch 14, Fire and Water

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