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Finduilas - 3rd Age

Meaning: N/A

Other Names: N/A

Location(s): Dol Amroth, Minas Tirith

Race/Species: Man

Type/Kind: Dunadan of Gondor

Title(s): None

Dates: III 2950 - III 2988

Parents: Adradhil

Siblings: Imrahil, Ivriniel

Spouse: Denethor II

Children: Boromir, Faramir

"She was a lady of great beauty and gentle heart, but before twelve years had passed, she died."

"But it seemed to men that she withered in the guarded city, as a flower of the seaward vales set upon a barren rock. The shadow in the east filled her with horror, and she turned her eyes ever south to the sea that she missed."
App A, I, iv, The Stewards, RoTK, LOTR

Dim Genesis, 12.27.02; Lyllyn, 1.10.03

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