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Meaning: Noldorin-historian

Other Names: Pengolodh; Thingodhel; Pengoloth

Location(s): Neverast; Gondolin; Havens of Sirion; Ost-In-Edhil; Tol Eressea

Race/Species: Elf

Type/Kind: Noldor/Sindar

Dates: Born in Neverast after the Exile - left Middle-Earth for Eressea

Parents: Not known

Siblings: None

Spouse: None

Children: None

Pengolod was born in Neverast to Noldor and Sindarin parents and later traveled to Gondolin. He escaped the fall of Gondolin and went with the other survivors to the Havens of Sirion, bringing many old documents and writings with him. Later he went to Eregion and the Dwarves allowed him to study their language. Eventually he left Middle-earth to live on Tol Eressea. Pengolodh is the loremaster who met with Aelfwine when he traveled to Tol Eressea and told the story of the Elves and the Elder Days.

Pengolod belonged to Lambengolmor, a group of loremasters of tongues founded by Feanor. He is accredited with writing many important works including the Quenta Silmarillion, documentation of the Certhas Daeron, the Annals, Ainulindalë, Lammas and the Lammasethen.

Andreth 12-11-03

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