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Meaning: 'Ing' means first, foremost; 'we' is a common ending in names

Location(s): Cuiviénen; Tirion; Taniquetil

Race/Species: Elf

Type/Kind: Vanyar

Title(s): King of the Vanyar, High King of all Elves

Dates: Age of the Trees - ?

Siblings: Indis? (not certain)

Children: Ingwion

Ingwë was one of the three Elven leaders who went with the Vala Oromë to Aman. On their return, he was the only one who persuaded his entire people to undertake the Great Journey to Valinor. In Valinor, he and his people first lived in Tirion together with the Noldor, but later he moved to Taniquetil, where he 'abode at the feet of Manwë'. (Quenta Silmarillion, Ch. 6, Of Eldamar).
Like all Vanyar, he was no doubt fair (blond). Indis the Fair, the second wife of Finwë, was his close kinswoman. According to The War of the Jewels (HoMe 11) he had a son, Ingwion (evolved from Ingwiel), who lead the host of the Vanyar to Middle-earth in the War of Wrath.
From a remark by Finwë in the story of Finwë and Miriel (Morgoth's Ring, HoMe 10), 'Ingwë and Olwë beget many children in the bliss of Aman', it could be inferred that he had more children. In The Shaping of Middle-earth, (HoMe 4), where his name is Inwë, he has a son Ingil, who later disappears from the records.

Loquacious 04.05.03; Finch 04.11.03

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