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Location(s): Dol Amroth

Race/Species: Man

Type/Kind: Dunadan of Gondor

Title(s): Prince of Dol Amroth, Lord of Dol Amroth

Dates: III 2917-3010

Parents: (f) Angelimir

Children: Ivriniel, Finduilas, Imrahil


Adrahil's father from Unfinished Tales: "This latter version of the legend appears in more detailed form in a note appended to an unpublished genealogy of the line of Dol Amroth from Angelimar, the twentieth prince, father of Adrahil, father of Imrahil, prince of Dol Amroth at the time of the War of the Ring"

On the spelling 'Angelimir' rather than 'Angelimar' from HoME 12, Chapter VII 'The Heirs of Elendil', The Line of Dol Amroth: "This note is printed in Unfinished Tales, p. 248, with the unaccountable error of Angelimar for Angelimir (an editorial mistake, since it occurs twice in the text and again in the index)."

Dates also from HoME 12, in the same section.

Loquacious 03.01.03
Adrahil's father contributed by himilce247, 03.03.03
Leonora 25.07.03
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