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Ted Sandyman

Location(s): The Shire

Race/Species: Hobbit

Type/Kind: N/A

Parents: Sandyman the miller (f)

"Sam Gamgee was sitting in one corner near the fire, and opposite him Ted Sandyman, the miller's son; and there were various other rustic hobbits listening to their talk."

Book 1, Ch 2, The Shadow of the Past, TTT, LOTR

"There was a surly hobbit lounging over the low wall of the mill-yard. He was grimy-faced and black-handed. 'Don't 'ee like it, Sam?' he sneered. 'But you always was soft. I thought you'd gone off in one o' them ships you used to prattle about, sailing, sailing. What d'you want to come back for? We've work to do in the Shire now.' "

"Ted Sandyman spat over the wall: 'Garn!' he said. 'You can't touch me. I'm a friend o' the Boss's. But he'll touch you all right, if I have any more of your mouth.' "

Book 6, Ch 8, The Scouring of the Shire, RoTK, LOTR

Lyllyn 1.14.03; Marta 09 May 2005

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