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Meaning: Jewel-woman (tr. of both names)

Other Names: Zimrahil (discarded)

Location(s): Númenor

Race/Species: Man

Type/Kind: 2nd age Numenoreans

Title(s): Queen of Númenor

Dates: II, 3117 - 3319

Parents: Father: Tar-Palantir

Siblings: none

Spouse: Ar-Pharazôn

Children: none

She was "a woman of great beauty, smaller than were most women of that land, with bright eyes."

(The Peoples of Middle-earth, HoMe 12, Part One, The History of the Akallabêth)

Most versions of the Akallabêth agree that her marriage to Ar-Pharazôn was forced and against the laws of Númenor (they were first cousins), but in one version she turned to him of her own free will.

By right, she ought to have become Ruling Queen of Númenor, but when they were wedded her husband seized the sceptre for himself. Tar-Míriel perished in the Downfall of Númenor: "And last of all the mounting wave... took to its bosom Tar-Míriel the Queen, fairer than silver or ivory or pearls." (The Silmarillion, Akallabêth)

Finch, 01.13.03

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