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Meaning: Possibly 'Tall Woman'

Other Names: Saelind (Wise-heart)

Location(s): Dorthonion

Race/Species: Man

Type/Kind: 1st Age Edain

Title(s): Adaneth (= Woman of the Secondborn)

Dates: I. c. 361 - I, c. 455

Parents: Father: Boromir; Mother: N/A

Siblings: Bregor

Spouse: none

Children: none

Wise-woman of the People of Beor. Loved the Elf Aegnor, son of Finarfin, but they never married. Engaged in philosophical discussions with Finrod Felagund, brother of Aegnor.
Source: Morgoth's Ring (HoMe 10), Part Four: 'The Athrabeth Finrod Ah Andreth'

Finch - 12.24.02

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