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1. First Meeting 
Author: Linda Hoyland
Last Updated: 01/30/15  Original Post: 05/31/05
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 3  Word Count: 4,264
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Work in Progress
Faramir lies close to death in the Houses of Healing.Can Aragorn save him before he succumbs to the Black Breath ? Angst
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
2. The Rains of Castamir 
Author: Aruthir
Last Updated: 01/07/15  Original Post: 07/07/14
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 61  Word Count: 12,912
Era: 3rd Age - The Kings   Genre: Drama  Completion: Work in Progress
Initially inspired by a terrible Game of Thrones in-joke, this has mutated into a series of interconnected vignettes from a dark, dark place in Gondor's history...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
3. Alfirin This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Certh
Last Updated: 01/07/15  Original Post: 08/24/11
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 4  Word Count: 8,647
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Other  Completion: Work in Progress
*Under Revision* Part I of the Colours of Dawn series. Hope is an ever-glowing ember, kindled by the smallest of occurrences.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
4. The Circles: Book 4: Paths Both East and West 
Author: Angmar and Elfhild
Last Updated: 01/04/15  Original Post: 03/24/11
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 30  Word Count: 105,292
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: Drama  Completion: Work in Progress
As the last wain in the slaver's caravan crosses the Anduin, the fate of the captives is sealed. At the mercy of her enemies and the delusions of her own mind, Goldwyn resolves to kindle her hatred into a burning passion, even if it means spurning those who might truly care for her. Meanwhile, twins Elfhild and Elffled and the three sons of Goldwyn - Fródwine, Frumgár and Fritha - journey through Anórien, though the courses which they take vary greatly. Danger lies everywhe...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
5. Steward and the King, The 
Author: julifolo
Last Updated: 12/29/14  Original Post: 06/26/02
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 32  Word Count: 62,042
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
What if Boromir didn't receive the dream-summons and so stayed in Minas Tirith and Faramir went north instead? PG warning: this is a hard tale, but not a dark one. At crucial times, characters in LotR react instead of act. For example, when the Fellowship splits and the return of the king. Using the branch point of Boromir's dream I was able to examine both of these important choices. This commentary AU is tersely written. It is primarily a bookverse story. Because I make large jumps when m...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
6. Queen of Gondor? 
Author: Chelle
Last Updated: 12/15/14  Original Post: 12/25/10
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 7  Word Count: 5,260
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: Drama  Completion: Work in Progress
A young girl of a noble family of Gondor is kidnapped by Haradrim.  The reason?  To be given to a man claiming the Kingship of Gondor, as a candidate for his bride. Written in the form of letters that can never be sent, to the brother she will never see again.   (Written with in conjunction with Dearest Farielle, letters written by her brother to her, also never to be mailed.)
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
7. Out of Darkness, Light 
Author: Chelle
Last Updated: 12/15/14  Original Post: 03/30/10
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 20  Word Count: 53,101
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: General  Completion: Work in Progress
A small group of elves travels from Lothlorien to Imladris. On the way, two - Caelwen and Lothdaimoth -are lost from the others by fire and wargs in the fields south and west of the confluence of the Gladden and Anduin rivers.  Injured and alone, they must try to make their way to Rivendell.  The year is 3008.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
8. Cardolan's Legacy 
Author: Elora
Last Updated: 12/13/14  Original Post: 08/20/11
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 69  Word Count: 545,823
Era: 4th Age   Genre: General  Completion: Ongoing Serial
A fourth age tale about heritage, choices and the aftermath of war.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
9. Very Model of a Warden of Lothlorien, The 
Author: kenaz
Last Updated: 12/03/14  Original Post: 03/16/05
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 658
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
With sincere apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan. A response to news of the possibility of the Lord of the Rings musical. Featuring the Dancing Galadhrim... feel free to sing along on the chorus! Winner of MEFA's 2005 Tom Bombadil Award for poetry.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
10. Threnody for the Dispossessed 
Author: kenaz
Last Updated: 12/03/14  Original Post: 10/23/09
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 4  Word Count: 14,612
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
When the Valar recall Maglor to Valinor to plead for clemency, it falls to his reluctant rival to find him. Mild slash content.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
11. Alfirin 
Author: kenaz
Last Updated: 12/03/14  Original Post: 07/18/05
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 418
Era: 4th Age   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Four musings on the passing of Arwen.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
12. What is Weakness? 
Author: Elleunamme Maltovia
Last Updated: 11/26/14  Original Post: 09/10/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 202
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
In silence a widower mourns. Double drabble filk inspired by the song "Only When I Sleep" (Corrs/Shanks/Peterson/Leiber/Giraud). (200 words as counted by MS Word)
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
13. Stirring Rings 
Author: Larner
Last Updated: 11/20/14  Original Post: 08/28/06
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 40  Word Count: 215,049
Era: Multi-Age   Genre: Drama  Completion: Work in Progress
Five were sent to teach and cajole, but one thought to rule, causing contention amongst the Istari. The making (and breaking) of Wizards. Beta by Fiondil.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
14. Enter the Ranger 
Author: Larner
Last Updated: 11/19/14  Original Post: 06/17/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 6  Word Count: 21,787
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: Drama  Completion: Work in Progress
How might Aragorn have returned to his parents' people once he learned his proper name, lineage, and possible destiny?  Perhaps this way....
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
15. Judging Mud Pies 
Author: Larner
Last Updated: 10/30/14  Original Post: 10/30/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 3,571
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Hamfast Gamgee wasn't certain about joining in as the Bagginses agreed to judge some mud pies, but found himself glad he did.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
16. Discomfort 
Author: Larner
Last Updated: 10/23/14  Original Post: 10/23/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 6,174
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
The day's audience in King Elessar's court was not a comfortable on for a few of those in attendance.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
17. The Sword in the Tree 
Author: Linda Hoyland
Last Updated: 10/21/14  Original Post: 10/01/12
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 9  Word Count: 26,994
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Aragorn receives an invitation to visit Rohan which leads to a new adventure for the King and his Steward. Events in this story take place soon after "A Time to Reap."
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
18. Welcome, Honoured Guests 
Author: Aruthir
Last Updated: 10/19/14  Original Post: 10/19/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 217
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
In the Fourth Age, politics are a tricky beast indeed...(Crossover fic- Tolkien/Lewis) 
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
19. Unanswered prayers 
Author: Nuredhel
Last Updated: 10/16/14  Original Post: 10/16/14
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 9  Word Count: 78,040
Era: Akallabêth/Last Alliance   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Thranduil of Greenwood is on the verge of getting trapped within an arranged marriage, then an opportunity to Escape presents itself and he also has the opportunity to do a good deed. It becomes the start of a very unusual relationship but unfortunately war is brewing and caught within its darkness he will become a person he otherwise would loathe. Angst/Drama/Romance. Thranduil/OC/Oropher.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
20. The Wizard's Gift 
Author: Larner
Last Updated: 10/11/14  Original Post: 10/11/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 240
Era: 4th Age   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
One mathom has become quite the tradition as a gift within Bag End and under the Hill.  A fixed-length ficlet of 144 words.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
21. Maeglin's Drabbles and Ficlets 
Author: maeglin
Last Updated: 10/10/14  Original Post: 05/22/09
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 29  Word Count: 14,360
Era: Multi-Age   Genre: General  Completion: Ongoing Serial
This is a fluid collection - I sometimes remove or rearrange chapters.  Latest chapter; On the relationships between Amras and Amrod, Celebrimbor and Galadriel.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
22. Backfire 
Author: Nuredhel
Last Updated: 10/05/14  Original Post: 10/05/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 2,580
Era: 3rd Age - The Kings   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
Legolas tries to help a friend With a small problem, the two Young elves come up With a smart plan to help him but it backfires, With hilarious and embarrassing results and Thranduil get the opportunity to teach his son an important lesson. Humor/comedy/Family. Thranduil/Legolas/OC I do not own these characters nor do i make any Money from this work of fiction.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
23. A Wizard's Blessing 
Author: Larner
Last Updated: 09/30/14  Original Post: 09/30/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 3,312
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
A visit to his old friend Gerontius Took leads unexpectedly to a meeting with what will prove Gandalf's next great friend from amongst the Hobbits of the Shire.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
24. The Shining Path of Peace 
Author: Linda Hoyland
Last Updated: 09/20/14  Original Post: 09/20/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 3,505
Era: 4th Age   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Ill  chosen words can lead to conflict and shatter the peace that Aragorn and Faramir hold dear.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
25. The Anatomy of the Ring-bearer 
Author: Larner
Last Updated: 09/18/14  Original Post: 09/18/14
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 3,961
Era: Other   Genre: Critical Essay  Completion: Complete
Just what made Frodo Baggins as he turned out, and what motivated him to accept his role as the Ring-bearer, and later to choose to leave Middle-earth as he did?  An essay.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
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Lion And The Swan, The

Chathol-linn - 21 Jan 15 - 11:07 AM

Ch. 1: The Lion and The Swan

I've read and commented on this lyrical love song many times.  The poem is not about seduction and yet its rhythm is as irresistible as first love and lots more more gentle.  As Lothiriel journeys away from girlhood, feel her breathless apprehension, awe, and regret; then her closure and acceptance of womanhood with her chosen companion, the golden king Eomer.  This poem has inspired me often. I love it and quote it. Thanks, ErinRua.

Go to Lion And The Swan, The

A Bit of Rope

TariElfLady - 24 Dec 14 - 4:28 PM

Ch. 65: Reunion

This was a wild ride with so many of my favorite characters being killed, but it was well worth the reading.  Frodo's letters were beautiful and very touching.  Kudos to you.  I'm glad I was able to finish before this site goes down.  Hopefully I'll find you on another site.

Go to A Bit of Rope

A Bit of Rope

TariElfLady - 17 Dec 14 - 10:42 AM

Ch. 62: A Question of Friendship

I feel so bad for Iaurel.  He needs to let go of all the pain.  In the end I do hope Frodo decides to be his friend.

Go to A Bit of Rope

Unto the ending of the world

Nath - 10 Nov 14 - 8:18 PM

Ch. 41: News

Hi Helga,

Glad you liked the chapter Smile

Definitely not a good day for Eowyn, though...

Go to Unto the ending of the world

Unto the ending of the world

helga - 03 Nov 14 - 3:03 PM

Ch. 41: News

Yikes!  Very well writtn, with a lot of excitement and emotion packed into a concise chapter.  And I just knew it!  Not a good day for Eowyn.  

Go to Unto the ending of the world

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