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1. Untamed Tales 1 - Chocolate 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 08/12/11  Original Post: 08/12/11
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 49
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
These shortfics are an extension of my story Taming the Wild.--Legolas' lady brings him an exotic gift, sweets for her sweet.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
2. Guardian of the Light 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 06/29/11  Original Post: 03/10/11
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 52  Word Count: 167,433
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
Haldir has spent a lifetime protecting his home and his heart. With the birth of one of the last Peredhil also came his oath to watch over and protect her. The wall he has built to protect his soul is being threatened. Change does not come so easily to the Lorien Elf as he tries to deny the fact that love is stronger than arrogance. Rated NC-17 for explicit adult situations (het) *This is a sister story to 'What Paths We Take'. It can be read alone but I would suggest reading my other story firs...
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3. Taming the Wild 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 03/21/11  Original Post: 11/04/10
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 40  Word Count: 117,934
Era: Multi-Age   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
She was born with only one purpose, to fight. But when Legolas tries to harness her, she finds it difficult to submit for the sake of their love. She must stay true to her namesake. Rated NC-17 for adult situations.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
4. Interview with Middle Earth Monthly 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 11/11/10  Original Post: 11/11/10
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 2  Word Count: 1,447
Era: Other   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
This was a response to a challenge for a yahoo group I belong to titled, 'What's your lover's favorite things.' The challenge was to interview your favorite LotR character and yourself. This is my silly version of an interview gone wrong. PG-13. Suggestive material.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
5. What Paths We Take 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 11/06/10  Original Post: 08/26/10
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 32  Word Count: 190,048
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
A love triangle of sorts; Eowyn's heart belongs to both Faramir and Legolas. Which path will she choose?.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
6. Magic Man 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 11/02/10  Original Post: 09/01/10
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 41  Word Count: 69,663
Era: Other   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
COMPLETE - Do you ever wonder about the elusive strangers that help us in our most desperate time of need? Where do they come from and where do they disappear to? This is my story of one such stranger who turns out to be anything but. Rated R for Adult situations. There is a small explicite section in one chapter but it is well marked and can be skipped without affecting the story.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
7. Behind the Mask 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 10/22/10  Original Post: 10/14/10
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 9  Word Count: 13,455
Era: Other   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
The three Lorien brothers hope to find love and desire at the Harvest Festival. The night is filled with magic and sometimes things are not always as they seem. Rated NC-17 for Haldir's naughty side.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
8. Thrill of the Chase 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 10/13/10  Original Post: 10/08/10
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 5  Word Count: 12,427
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
War is over, evil has been destroyed and Thranduil is on the hunt. It is the Fourth Age and the King needs something to occupy his time since there are no more spiders to hunt. He has set his eyes on a new victim, but this one will prove to be quite a challenge. Rated NC-17 for explicite adult content.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
9. Worth The Risk 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 09/10/10  Original Post: 09/10/10
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 8,249
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
Eowyn meets Legolas in Rohan when he shows with the Fellowship. A friendship forms but will it turn into something more? Can an Elf and a woman truly find happiness together? This story is rated NC-17 for very explicit adult situations. This is a one-shot but it is long. I like to call it a long-shot. *hehe* I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
10. Inspiration In The Closet 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 08/27/10  Original Post: 08/27/10
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 794
Era: Other   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
This drabble started out as a joke but I have decided to post it anyway. It might be silly, but I'm feeling rather silly today. Rated R for the naughtiness of the Elves. I do not own the elf characters in this story, but I know where they hide.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
11. Blue Moon 
Author: L8Bleumr
Last Updated: 08/25/10  Original Post: 08/25/10
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 4,003
Era: Other   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
She has admired Orophin from afar, but during a chance meeting can she tell him her true feelings? This is a one-shot Orophin/OFC story. *Warning for Adult situation.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
Found 11 stories.

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Rotting On The Vine

Lorniel is not an Elf - 27 Jul 14 - 6:02 PM

Ch. 2: II

You cannot forgive yourself, Aruthir?
You hope I can forgive you?
Is that why you wanted to "vomit with rage" when I dared to reopen my facebook account?

Do you really want me to forgive you?
If you are genuine in your desire for forgiveness, earn it.
- because your behaviour indicates that you'd prefer me to cease to exist....

At least show a little contrition, rather than continuing scorn, blame and hatred...

As you have admitted here, I did not leave you.
I would never have left you.
You left me, when I was desperately ill.

My deepest regret is that my body recovered, while leaving my soul shattered.
My deepest regret is that my body recovered at all...

At least that's one thing we can agree on...

Don't worry; I will not be back here.

Enjoy the new life you chose for yourself.

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His Mother's Son

Himring - 13 Jul 14 - 5:03 AM

General Comment

An unusual subject and an interesting take on it! I hadn't spotted the potential for quite so much darkness in that passage before you brought it out.

(Sorry for duplication, this was meant to be a public comment on the story, not a private email, but I pasted it into the wrong place at first.)

Go to His Mother's Son

Forest Assault

eliza61 - 27 Jun 14 - 7:26 AM

Ch. 1: Forest Assault

LOL, loved this story Nieriel.  I read it a while ago so forgive me if I said so before.  very very charming and sweet. 

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Follow The Sun

cassie - 17 Jun 14 - 12:56 PM

General Comment

This is so beautifully heartbreaking. A great story from a wonderful writer. I can hardly see for the tears but thank you for sharing this here.

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When Fandoms Collide

Elleunamme Maltovia - 12 Jun 14 - 12:18 PM

Ch. 3: The Big Bang That Wasn't...

I've never seen the Avengers so some of this is lost on me, but I still find it hilarious! Love Frodo's response when Thor says Sauron isn't defeated. xD And turning Mordor into a waterpark is just brilliant. 

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