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The Chronicles of The Kelvar

ziggy - 27 May 12 - 12:39 PM

Ch. 4: Into The Wind

I love it when skiful writers fill in the gaps and this is not only orginal and deals with a part of the story that few writers consider, it is adone, as always with deftness and gorgeous sense of character. The loftiness of Shadowfax and his arrogance is tempered by his concern  and increasing understanding of what they face. I really like the way you have used particular phrases fo rhtings, the Gold-Hairs, cinching the rope tighter. Tje details such as Gandalf's stiffness as he dismounts and the lack of food are some of the things that give this its credibility.

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The Chronicles of The Kelvar

Aiwendiel - 28 May 12 - 7:30 AM

Ch. 4: Into The Wind

Thanks for your appreciation and attention, zig! I am particularly glad you like Shadowfax's "voice."  as you might have noticed for the very beginning, the dates for Shadowfax to be the narrator are from 18.9.3018 to 30.9.3018, so other narrators (totallyOC) will pick up the tale.. Or tail, shall we say? Shadow fax has a few more things to tells but he can't have seen the whole thing thru to Oct 18 when G arrived in Rivendell... So stay tuned! I have already dropped a hint as to the nature of one of the other Kelvar tale-tellers... But that's another couple of chapters away... Thanks again!

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