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Tales from the Rangers

WindSurfBabe - 27 Nov 11 - 2:46 AM

Ch. 1: Skinner

The first thing that struck me about this piece is how inredibly well-written it is - in the sense that the tone, the vocabulary and the pace are dead-on hobbit style. It does feel like I am there, within the story, wasting some pleasant time away in the tavern and then wandering in the dark with young hobbits. I can feel their fear, can hear the quiver of bravado in their voices as they chant.

The ending is unexpected - and both realistic and worthy of the tale. Thank you for sharing this.

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Tales from the Rangers

Aiwendiel - 05 Dec 11 - 2:52 PM

Ch. 1: Skinner

This is really great -- entertaining and nicely written. I hope this is the first in a long line of Tales from the Rangers!

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Tales from the Rangers

Dwimordene - 27 Dec 11 - 9:43 AM

Ch. 1: Skinner

Well, you've hooked me - Rangers hanging out about the borders of the Shire, looking disreputable? Misunderstandings and taking advantage of superstition? Hobbits venturing out and discovering the truth? I'm there!

Very well-written - the characters feel at home in their setting, and the use of superstition - and of unreliable tellers of tales who come in the guise of parents as well as of children - is fantastic. It lets you play off the reader's knowledge of who the Rangers are, but also to be surprised by how this particular one uses his own status in story to get his job done without revealing himself. Nicely played!

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