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JennieM - 05 Aug 11 - 6:24 AM

Ch. 1: Dreaming

Thank you writing this.

With this combination of an evil place, the lingering symptoms and the fear that all seem to be suffering, it is almost as if the black breath has returned.

I feel certain that an ancient source of evil is still alive and flourishing, and that it will take a lot to conquer it.

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walkingmoonlight - 06 Aug 11 - 9:30 PM

Ch. 4: Searching

I'm in serious agony here. Is there no way to convince you to post the rest tonight? Pleeeease? This is by far one of the best fan-fics I've read in a long time...quite possibly ever. In so many of the stories I just feel like the characters are all human...there's no sense of anything different between men, elves and dwarves. Here I really feel like there's a difference between the characters and the races, and it's beautiful to read. Also this chapter is a major cliff hanger--as I'm sure you know. Anyways, just thought you should know I won't be sleeping tonight because I'll be waiting for you to post the next chapter. :)

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JennieM - 08 Aug 11 - 12:41 PM

Ch. 5: Waking

I'm enjoying this and finding it perturbing.

I'm convinced that there is a monstrous evil lurking here, but I'm mostly concerned with the warnings that Faramir has been given.

He is divided. From his father he receives the Numenorean heritage, diluted, but in him the blood runs true.  From his mother, Finduilas, he receives some Elven heritage.

Is he having trouble reconciling these two halves of his being,or attempting to deny one part of himself?

I think that the only answer to these questions will be found in further chapters, so I'll look forward to them.

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walkingmoonlight - 12 Aug 11 - 4:43 PM

Ch. 6: Being

I really liked how you wrapped the story up. These last two chapters could have (in my experience) easily been a disappointment considering how strong the story started off. Instead, I found it taking twists and turns that kept me interested all the way to the final sentence--and even rereading and rethinking my interpretation of events. In any case, fabulous job. I hope you do this with all the unfinished stories sitting on your desk! You have lots of very unique and interesting ideas, and considering how intensely written-about Aragorn, Legolas and even Faramir are in the fanfic world, it's very impressive to read something fresh. 

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