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The Sons of Thunder

curiouswombat - 13 May 12 - 12:32 PM

Ch. 45: Chapter 45 Pipeweed and Tall Tales

I will start at the end - I know just what you mean in your notes - last chapters often become longer and longer until the only answer is to make them the last two, or even three, chapters.  And I am quite happy for it to take time to conclude properly.

But, of this chapter, I love that quiet scene between Elladan and Legolas, and the conversation, rather heart wrenching though it is, with Olórin. 

But then I also love Legolas helping Frodo find his song.  And his version of 'Gil-Galad'... and I can just imagine what he thought of 'On the shadowed hall of the Elven Realm of Mirkwood.'  Or of 'On the Laws and Customs of the Elves' - which I am sure 'your' Legolas would find as entertaining as 'mine' did!

I look forward to the epilogue - and then to going back and re-reading from the very beginning.

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The Sons of Thunder

Aiwendiel - 17 May 12 - 5:06 PM

Ch. 45: Chapter 45 Pipeweed and Tall Tales

Another stunning chapter. I particularly love your Gandalf/Olorin here. What an interesting and completely sensible idea that he would also have Sea-Longing! Legolas gradually healing... Pippin and Gimli, wonderfully in character... Frail, gentle Frodo... And the interaction between Elladan and Legoloas is perfect. As is, of course, fit scene between the reawakening Elrohir and finally, Legolas. Terrific work, lyrical language, as usual. Can't wait for the epilogue! 

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The Sons of Thunder

Tanis - 20 May 12 - 6:48 PM

Ch. 45: Chapter 45 Pipeweed and Tall Tales

Oh how I'm going to miss the inexpressible joy of opening my email and finding I have another chapter of SoT to savor like a good round of pipeweed!  I've probably said before, if I'd been more conversant with how things work in this fandom and realized this was a WIP, I would never have started reading it. I don't do WIPs anymore because so many times, the muse decamps and the story sits unfinished in moldering decay.  And while I understand, now, how and why this happens, and I know it's as discouraging for the writer as the raeder - it's still an unfinished story.  So thank you, Ziggy, for sticking with this and taking us with you on this journey all the way to The End. 

I have often felt like Bilbo, never knowing what will happen when I step out my door onto this ribbon of road you've unwound for us, but I've spent many, many, many happy hours speculating on what might be around the next bend.  Thank you for that as well, and Anarithilien too! 

How gently this chapter brought us home and grounded us again in the beauty of Middle-earth.  You have opened the box so the magic of renewal - both of a beautiful spring and of the hearts of everything and everyone in the story - pours forth like a fountain.  Yes, there is a touch of despair, but that irrepressible joy you have imbued your Legolas with still bubbles beneath, so that we know he will never let it break it him.  That he will live fiercely with his beloved for whatever time is given to him, and fight, with every fomidable weapon he can bring to bear, to keep Elrohir at his side throughout eternity. 

I'm in awe of what you've done here, Ziggy.  I've printed this out chapter by chapter and it is still my favorite bedtime reading.  It outgrew its first notebook and has moved twice since then, to larger and larger ring-binders.   And I do not think anyone will ever top your Legolas in my faves list. 

So it's with mixed feelings that I look forward to the final chapter.  Part of me can't wait to see how you end it, and part of me doesn't want it to ever end. 

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