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The Sons of Thunder

curiouswombat - 29 Oct 11 - 12:47 PM

Ch. 38: Before the Black Gate

Firstly what a wonderful description of Gimli readying himself for battle - it rings absolutely true.

And Legolas' line about where Gil-Galad went wrong is just wonderful - it shows the depth of his value for Gimli and the hobbits perfectly.

Then Gimli tutting at the wastefulness of those slag-heaps on the approach to the gate - so perfectly him that, even in this sombre place, it made me smile.

But the heart of the chapter is those encounters between Elrohir and Legolas, Elrohir and Elladan, and Elrohir and Éomer - with a side order of Nazgul.  Those encounters form a chapter heart that has my own heart beating a little faster in fear for them all.

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The Sons of Thunder

Tanis - 30 Oct 11 - 7:11 AM

Ch. 38: Before the Black Gate

Oh how I've missed these characters and their story!  So glad to find the note in my box last night that a new chapter was up! 

Again you had me laughing and crying from one sentence to the next, and sighing.  Gimli making love to his axe in the beginning (lolololololol), his observations of Pippin's short-sightedness even as Pippin rubbed the dwarf's nose in those observations - hilarious. 

Loved the little clues that Elladan might have found a distraction, at least, from his infatuation with Legolas!  After all he's been through, all he's given up in an effort to save his brother, I was so hoping he would find comfort somewhere.  It made my heart very glad!

It was Elrohir's dilemma again - will he choose - that brought me to tears.  That and Aragorn's difficult birthing as a new king.  It had never occurred to me before that he and Eomer came into their kingships nearly at the same time.  Aragorn's struggle to enter fully into his birthright, to gather the reins of leadership and government into his hands has been an exquisite secondary story running through Legolas and Elrohir's story of redeeption and high romance.  Your portrayal of Aragorn's humble self-possesion against the tension of the need that drives him has been wonderful to behold.  As Legolas and Elrohir have done in this story, Aragorn becomes so much more multi-dimensional than the ranger who becomes Elessar in the original text. 

Lovely!  Thank you for the morning's baptism of tears and laughter!  Waiting with baited breathe for next weekend!!


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The Sons of Thunder

eliza61 - 31 Oct 11 - 9:11 AM

Ch. 38: Before the Black Gate

Welcome back Ziggy, glad to see a new chapter.  Loved, loved, loved it. Very descriptive, from Gimii and his beard to Pippins reaction in front of the black gate, you can almost feel what they are experiencing.   Your portrayal of gimili here is absolutely wonderful, especially his interaction with Pippin. Laugh out loud

humm Elladan and Imrahil?  now that's a twist I didn't see coming. 

Elrohir is still a tough one for me, he has so much guilt, its hard to imagine him living with himself even with the assurance of Legolas's love. 

Can't wait for more.


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The Sons of Thunder

Aiwendiel - 31 Oct 11 - 10:19 AM

Ch. 38: Before the Black Gate

Aghhhhh shiver me timbers! Another chapter as tense as steel cables twisted tightly. The shifting pov's are wonderful, ditto on all the previous comments on Gimli's wonderfully fey voice, Pippin's young, impish and brave one, Aragorn's reaching for his destiny. And legolas, El and El! I am shivering with delight! Awesome twist at the end... can't wait for the next one!

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The Sons of Thunder

AndreaH - 31 Oct 11 - 3:17 PM

Ch. 38: Before the Black Gate

I shan't repeat it all, but pretty much all of the above comments hit a chord with me. Poor Éomer, poor Pippin, maybe poor Legolas?

Hawk, bat, rat... Great word play here! I wonder if Legolas is aware of the Fellowship's speculation about his love life?

Goodness I hope Elrohir is as resistant to the Nazgûl as he thinks he is; this is not the time for overconfidence. And I'm still worried about their plans for the 9th Nazgûl...

Looking forward to the next installment! thanks, AndreaH

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