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The Sons of Thunder

Imber - 08 May 10 - 1:35 PM

Ch. 5: Helcaraxe

This is getting better and better. Poor Aragorn - torn between his family and his friends!

You won't be able to update quickly enough for me - I hope you are poised over your keyboard this very minute...

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The Sons of Thunder

Olorimë - 21 May 10 - 4:30 AM

Ch. 5: Helcaraxe

Helcaraxe- the frozen wastes crossed by the Noldor in the Silmarillion (I have no idea how to put umlauts on letters on a Mac!!)

Alt + U

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The Sons of Thunder

Azalais - 29 Nov 10 - 10:39 AM

Ch. 5: Helcaraxe

I think I may be in love with your Gimli.

"for a moment, he felt the song of the Dwarf. It brushed his mind lightly, a sensation of the deep fires of earth, and then it was gone."

- just exquisite phrasing. And then this:

"He was a figure of patience, of stone, feet planted firmly on the good earth, his clever, subtle hand on the haft of his axe"

- it's just wonderful realisation of the character. The conversation he and Legolas have, about loyalty, about friendship, about overcoming prejudices, really brought a lump to my throat - and I do like the way you have them both use Arod as a proxy to avoid explicitly talking about how they feel about their friendship! Very neat!

Another chapter full of cracking dialogue and heightened emotion. Thank you!

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The Sons of Thunder

thelauderdale - 07 Jun 11 - 6:53 PM

Ch. 5: Helcaraxe

Must pause here to echo Azalais' righteous praise of your Gimli.  It's a wonderful characterization: my favorite aspect of this story so far.

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