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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

kathie1441 - 24 Mar 10 - 4:02 PM

Ch. 10: Chapter 10

Oh poor Eomer! He can't win for losing can he? By the time he actually manages to tell her his true identity she's going to be ready to take him out to the street and burn him! Speaking of which, I died laughing at Lothíriel's reaction to that bit of info! Somethings it might be best if he didn't share - she's a self confessed pyro after all!

Another wonderful chapter, thank you! Hope your hand is better soon!

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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

Freyalyn - 25 Mar 10 - 3:58 AM

Ch. 10: Chapter 10

Yep, Leona's backed himself into a real corner here - she'll skin him when he confesses all.  And please, hurry to the denouement.  I really want to see this Lothiriel tell all the men in her life exactly what she thinks of them!  (And then go and die of embarassment....)  But do look after yourself, too.  Thank you.

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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

Bluedot - 25 Mar 10 - 10:39 AM

Ch. 10: Chapter 10

Ooh ... what a moment to cut the story off! Like the other people who have commented, I cannot wait how Lothiriel will react and how much trouble 'Leona' will be in once the truth is out (and let's face it, he is definitely in big trouble no matter what!)

I really liked the addition of the couple which further showed the positive side of Lothiriel's elopement, in that her actions have inspired Maedwen to leave her abusive husband. On the negative side it made Lothiriel realise again (or perhaps made it even clearer) that she is causing her family serious concern and upset and also how much danger she has put herself in. 

Very well written - I really admire how you've created these very believable characters and cannot wait until the next update.

I really hope your hand will get better soon. Perhaps this would be a good time to encourage your children to do some more chores at home  so you can rest your hand! 


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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

Thanwen - 26 Mar 10 - 12:36 PM

Ch. 10: Chapter 10

So Gondor's women are taking a leaf out of Lotiriel's book...Aragorn should really be thankful that Eomer will take her to Rohan soon, ridding him of the danger of being King of a country full of runaway wives and daughters and burning beds! I enjoyed that bit of Rohan customs very much and have quite a bad conscience for being so greedy for more.

Don't let me foolishly press you though, take your time and look after your hand, I'll wait patiently and will enjoy the next chapter all the more.


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